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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> looking like a good day ahead. we have patchy fog along the coastline this morning. some hazy skies right now but lots of sunshine and some warmer weather ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and out to the bay bridge we were seeing some slight delays in a couple of the cash lanes. the roadwork is still there on the incline plus they have some downed trees and power lines affecting parts of san mateo bridge. we'll have more on that all coming up. >> just for fun we'll keep you busy today. >> why not? what is today? >> today is wednesday. >> "hump day." >> april 16. >> all right. it is 4:30. and we begin with some developing news out of ston where police blew up two suspicious backpacks on the very same day survivors marked the anniversary of the marathon bombings. alexis christoforous reports one man is now being charged with possession of a hoax device. >> reporter: police blew up a pair of suspicious backpacks near the boston marathon finish line last night. police tell cbs news, this man, 25-year-old kayvon edison was
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carrying one of them. officers stopped the suspect because he was acting suspiciously walking around barefoot yelling boston strong. sources tell cbs news the suspect's bag contained a rice cooker full of confetti. this witness who did not want to be identified says the scare was an unwelcome reminder of last year's bombings. >> people reacted quickly. >> reporter: hours earlier it was the site of a memorial marking the one-year anniversary of the marathon bombings. survivors and victims' families gathered for a moment of silence to mark the moment the bombs went off. three people died and more than 260 were injured in the blasts including dancer adrian davis. she lost part of her left leg. >> it is difficult to believe it has only been one year. it feels like only a few weeks and we have a long road yet to
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walk. >> we endure! we overcome! and we own the finish line! >> reporter: a finish line thousands of runners will cross on monday. alexis christoforous, cbs news, boston. >> lawyers for the surviving suspect in last year's marathon bombing are going to court today. they want the judge to throw out charges against dzhokhar tsarnaev. they say the charges are redundant. security experts are concerned about a large gathering of al qaeda fighters. u.s. intelligence officials are not saying whether they knew about the meeting. cnn reports the video is believed to be recent. some faces have been blurred out. and the man in the middle is known as al qaeda's crown prince. at one point, he says, we must eliminate the cross, the bearer of the cross is america. u.s. officials say the video appears to be authentic and from a meeting in yemen. developing news out of richmond where police are investigating a shooting in a
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parking lot at a target store there around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on mcdonald avenue. one man critically wounded another being treated for injuries not considered life- threatening. they hope surveillance video may find the culprits. san francisco investigators are trying to learn what set an apartment building on fire. flames shot out of the roof of the multistory complex on dolores street. it sent thick, black smoke over the city around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. nine people have been displaced. >> just sitting home doing my taxes and the fire alarm went off and i thought it was a false alarm. and i started smelling smoke so i grabbed the cat and left everything behind. >> it took an hour to put the fire out. no injuries. san francisco firefighters do know how last month's massive fire in mission bay got started. a hot or smoldering object that a construction crew left
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behind. although the fire department isn't saying what that object was. the fire did $40 million worth of damage. as the san francisco giants host a series with the l.a. dodgers there is a disturbing report about one of the dodgers' star players and run- ins with a mexican drug cartel. more from kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: the dodgers' brightest star yasiel puig was signing autographs before the game. [ indiscernible ] in a bombshell article in l.a. magazine it says puig fled from cuba to mexico to and may be entangled with a drug cartel with ransom increasing every day. >> the smugglers hadn't received their money. they were ticked off. >> reporter: yasiel was spirit off the mexican island by the
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henchmen of a miami air- conditioning repairman and one of his captors was gunned down. there have been suggestions that the cartel might try to hunt yasiel down for vengeance. the idea that dodgers fans or teammates would be in imminent harm i find that farfetched. but, you know, he did do business with unsavory characters. and, you know, one of them is dead. >> reporter: and that ac repair guy who orchestratedias well's defectiontion from cuba allegedly gets 20% of his salary for life and untold other money from the dodgers star. for dodger fan and cuban max medina, yasiel puig's story is an everyday tale. >> i think the story is not isolated. i think it's a story that occurs very often but the only reason we know about it is because it's a famous person. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the u.s. government
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considers the cartel is responsible for killing more than 420 people. 4:36. >> as a side note the giants beat the dodgers in extra innings. fog and low clouds and high pressure building in overhead temperatures will warm up rather nicely. in fact, these numbers by the afternoon should be very comfortable indeed. out over the bay right now we have mostly clear skies. 69 degrees and mostly sunny in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. out to san mateo county once again where we still have these downed trees and power lines affecting all lanes of
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highway 84 around 35 skyline boulevard. the roads should be re-opening soon. that's the latest word from caltrans so we'll let you know as soon as that work has wrapped up. in the meantime, it's mainly overnight roadwork that could slow you down. if you are on the eastshore freeway between buchanan and powell they have various lanes blocked in both directions. it was scheduled to wrap up by about 5:00 this morning. between oak and washington on the nimitz three lanes blocked northbound. once you get into oakland everything is good through downtown oakland exits. bay bridge still problem-free between the oakland area and san francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. a pilot of a small plane made an emergency landing east of livermore. the two-seat cessna 152 lost power yesterday evening before setting down in a field near greenville road. the pilot, passenger both unharmed. there is no significant damage to the plane.
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and two men that robbed a person at gunpoint in fremont were caught on camera trying to use the victim's credit card. the robbery happened at a bank of america atm on fremont boulevard last wednesday. this video is from a 7-eleven about an hour after the crime. the suspects used the victim's credit cards at the store and took off. both are described as indian an in their teens or early 20s. stolen cell phones could soon become use less. wireless companies now planning to include anti-theft devices to erase your data remotely. all the major u.s. carriers as well as apple, samsung and others support it. 50% of robberies in the city are cell phones. a woman was killed for her phone in st. louis. the anti-theft feature will make smartphones a little less desirable now to thieves. >> the idea is that if you can remotely wipe all the data on your phone, lock down your
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phone so that nobody who does not have the password can access it, thieves won't want to steal phones because they won't have any resale values. >> cell phone carriers and companies in the u.s. have previously fought the idea of a kill switch because it cuts into their profits made by replacing the stolen phones. the feature won't be available until july 2016. we have learned that a bay area indian tribe that runs a well-known casino may soon take some potentially drastic action. joe vazquez explains what's going on with the pomo tribe that runs the river rock casino in geyserville. >> this is my brother's spot and my spot here. >> reporter: they are former chief dan and his brother greg cordova raised their families along the same road that now leads up to river rock casino. >> we were together every day. >> going to the river and you would run up the hill and go to the tribal meeting. that was our life. it was all about being native. >> reporter: though elders were opposed, stan says he supported the decision for the dry creek band of pomo indians to bring
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in a casino in 2002. >> maybe it would be good for families. >> reporter: and at first it was. the tribe gave the cordovas money to relocate. they got monthly casino checks like every member but as cash started rolling in -- >> then the love of money came in. >> reporter: so did a new chief and then the letters. stan's letter said he did not qualify for membership because he previously had been a member of his mother's tribe. two years later his daughter got a letter saying she had a break in lineage. >> it feels like a piece of you is getting ripped out. >> reporter: they got kicked out. now her brother, her cousins, and all their children got letters. the entire cordova family could be wiped off the tribal rolls. >> we have no reason to drop our children. it's just money and greed. >> reporter: they are getting kicked out of the tribe through a process called disenrollment. we asked the board of directors why they are being disenrolled. they say it's confidential and
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can't talk about it. the family is scheduled to appear here at the rancheria headquarters or a series of meetings before the tribal council. as many as 70 tribal members could find out by the end of the week whether they are being disenrolled. >> now it's become an epidemic. >> reporter: lawyer what watts with the american indian movement says disenrollments are happening across california thinning the tribes so there's more money for the remaining indians. >> the reasons are unjustified. they are bled people sharing the same history. >> reporter: a history that saw outsiders nearly wipe the pomos off the planet. now it's becoming an inside job. >> the extermination period in california got rid of over 90% of the indians. this is coming doggone close. >> reporter: disenrollment is a strategy that tribes themselves have come up with because they didn't want people coming out of the woodwork and fraudulently claiming their
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heritage in this tribe as the casino money was rolling in but we want to point out that the folks we talked to during this story have said they have been documented members of this tribe as far back as they have kept records here nearly 100 years. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> so far not much can be done about it since the federal government does not intervene in tribal politics. some activists and families are calling for a congressional hearing. happening today, a san jose city councilwoman says the time is now to regulate electronic cigarettes. a person running for mayor this year says because ecigarettes are so new the city doesn't have laws to control them. she proposes a citywide ban on using the devices in public in the city. the rules and open government complete will consider that today during a 2 p.m. public meeting at city hall. also happening today bart's unveiling the fleet of the future. the model train will arrive at justin herman plaza in san francisco around 11 a.m.
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model train will be shown off throughout the bay area over the next several weeks. these new cars will go into service, got to wait, 2017. coming up, bad boys beware. "cops" is coming to the bay area. it may be a recruiting tool. >> the breaking bad prom proposal that works. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have some developing news out of south korea right now. a massive rescue operation is happening right now to save hundreds of people on a sinking ferry. you see the ferry right there. this is out of south korea. the rescue operation is happening as we speak. a number of people lost right now. 459 passengers were on board that ferry. many of them were high school students that were on a trip and sadly 300 are reported
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missing at this hour. passengers wearing life jackets told to jump into the sea and await rescue. family is waiting to hear from loved ones. coast guard and navy divers are searching inside that ship for any survivors. 4:46. new this morning, the son of a senior canadian police officer has been arrested for the worst mass stabbing the city of calgary has seen. five people were killed all in their late teens, early 20s. it happened during a party at a home at the university of calgary yesterday. investigators say the suspect got his hands on a knife and started stabbing the victims one by one. police have not released a motive for the stabbing. one of the longest running series on network television will be shooting scenes in san jose for the next couple of months. betty yu explains why the police department is now allowing a crew from "cops" to tag along. reporter: that familiar theme song now has something to
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do with the city of san jose. patrol officers are taking camera crews from the "cops" tv show along for the ride as they take down bad boys and dangerous criminals. this is the first time the department has signed on with the show one of the longest running and original reality shows. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: a san jose police department spokesman says it will boost morale within the department and provide greater transparency. filming could also attract more recruits at a time when the department is struggling to put enough officers on the streets. new officers are taking competitive offers elsewhere as a result of the pension reform measure. san jose is authorized for 1100 officers but today there are only around 900 cops suited up for duty. >> that was betty yu reporting. in a related story, santa clara county supervisors have given the go-ahead now to a plan that lets sheriff's department supply deputies to the sjpd on a temporary basis.
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4:47. a lot of lawns in livermore are about to go brown. the city enacted a mandatory 20% cutback for all water customers, about 25 gallons per person per day. yountville is embarking on an ambitious water conservation project. they are breaking ground yesterday on the plan to recycle all its reclaimed water. the aim is twofold: deal with the current drought now and protect vineyards for the future. it is 4:48. time for lawrence karnow to jump into action and tell us what a beautiful day we're going to have today. >> oh, my. it is going to be a good one. >> i'm making it up. you're the trained professional. >> thank you very much. you know what, it should be a beautiful day. we are going to see a lot of sunshine. we have a couple of patches of fog and it's hazy outside this morning. if you are traveling about, though, it looks like it is going to be a good afternoon as high pressure overhead more of a northerly component to the winds means we'll scrub the skies clear of fog along the coastline this afternoon. average temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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i think today above average about 69 degrees in san francisco. 78 in san jose. and 76 in santa rosa. these temperatures running 6 to 8 degrees above the average for this time of year. starting you out though we have a couple of patches of fog and then otherwise mostly clear skies just a bit hazy. plenty of sunshine this afternoon with some mild temperatures. but then some cooler weather ahead as we head into easter weekend. this ridge of high pressure building in right now giving us that northerly component to the wind going to make for a beautiful day outside not only here but around the state. 88 degrees in fresno. 85 sacramento. 80 yosemite. clouds at the coast. otherwise clearing out nicely and then i think tomorrow the low clouds and fog really begin to return toward the coastline our temperatures cooling off a tad. numbers around the bay area today looking like this. up into the 70s and low 80s into the south bay. 60s toward the coastline. east bay numbers in the 70s and the 80s. then inside the bay we'll keep you nice and toasty in oakland at 75 and 74 in berkeley. next couple of days the temperatures begin to drop off
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especially on friday and saturday with a few more clouds. but easter sunday looking sunny and bright. all right, let's check the roads with elizabeth. everything looks sunny and bright as well if you are coming through the altamont pass. this was a rough spot yesterday. we had a couple of accidents in the liver valley and it just really jammed up the works through tracy. none of that today. so by this time yesterday we already saw the red and yellow sensors all green as you can tell right now only about 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. clear shot of all those headlights right now heading on to the dublin grade where everything is also flowing nicely from there into the castro valley y. here's another live look outside. bay bridge toll plaza once again no big delays even though that roadwork is still there westbound incline to yerba buena island. problem-free between the east bay and san francisco. also in the south bay we still have a little overnight roadwork on stretches of 880 near stevens creek and on the ramp between 280 and 880 of highway 17. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right.
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thank you, elizabeth. a bay area teenager got his dream date after he got some very persuasive help. the video of the invitation has gone viral. >> if you don't go to the prom with stefan then maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. >> mattie, would you go to prom with me? >> devon montana was seeing a show in new york. he enlisted a star to help him ask a girl out. >> it was probably the most surprising thing that's ever happened to me. and i mean, i couldn't say no. it was incredible and i was so impressed by stefan. >> maddie and i are huge fans of the show so i knew this was going to be like particularly special for her. >> mahdimaddie and stefan will go to the prom this weekend.
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4:51. coming up, a shooting in the middle of a busy target parking lot in the east bay. the obstacle investigators face to figure it all out. >> plus, san francisco brings back a parking rule every driver can rejoice over coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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patchy fog this morning, hazy inside the bay this afternoon, 70s down the peninsula. 77 in redwood city. 75 mountain view. south bay looking good upper 70s there maybe some low 80s into morgan hill. and gilroy plenty of sunshine this afternoon in the east bay, too, 76 in milpitas, about 80 in pleasanton, 81 antioch, 80
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danville. beautiful day in moraga at 78 degrees. in the north bay, we'll find mostly sunny skies this afternoon, the temperatures going to be warm, 76 degrees in santa rosa, 75 in petaluma, hey, headed to downtown san francisco, 69 degrees and sunny. 4:55. the sfmta just voted to eliminate sunday parking fees. the agency needed the money last year. instead of nickel and diming our residents at the meter on sunday, the mayor says let's work together to support comprehensive funding transportation measures. a young bobcat back in the wild after being nursed back to health at the wildlife center of the silicon valley. the bobcat barely a year old when a car struck her in southeast san jose. well, a broken leg required some surgery and a veterinarian had to put a plate in the leg. after five months of care and antibiotics, the cat released yesterday but she was not in a
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hurry to scurry off. >> well, was that about what you expected? >> not really. so each wildlife release i feel is something different. so they all have a mind of their own so they get to make their own choices. >> reporter: how would you describe what happened? >> she wasn't comfortable -- obviously she is trying to get used to her new surroundings and she went to the closest shelter she could find. >> reporter: which was? >> behind us. [ laughter ] >> she is leaving club med for the wild, you know? wildlife center staffers say it was a tricky recovery process but worth it. police in boston blow up backpacks near the marathon finish line. what we know about the man responsible, coming up. >> reporter: two people shot in broad daylight in a target parking lot. police don't have a lot of information to go on. we'll tell you what they know coming up next. ,, ,,,,
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two people are recovering this morning after being shot in a parking lot of a target in richmond. one in critical condition. police are looking to surveillance video now to try and spot that gunman. >> coast guard emergency helicopters rushed to save passengers from the sinking ferry off south korea's southern coast. people were crawling sideways off the deck of the ship to the arms of rescuers. more than 450 passengers mostly high school students were on board. >> going every which way just to get out of there. people reacted quickly. >> one man is in custody this morning charged with possession of a hoax device after a scare near the finish line of the boston marathon last night. >> bart is unveiling its fleet of the future today as part of the agency's annual blue skies festival in san francisco. the first new fleet of trains is expected to go into passenger service in 2017. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is wednesday, april 16. time now 5:00. here's lawrence with the weather. >> we are going to see some nice weather around the bay area not as many clouds to start the morning, still a couple of patches of fog a little hazy, too. throughout the day north winds clearing things out even at the beaches a little more sunshine and some very pleasant weather. out the door looking toward the bay bridge it is hazy temperatures running in the 40s and the 50s. looking toward the afternoon hours, though, yeah, we are back into the low 80s in some of the valleys, plenty of 70s inside the bay. 60s into san francisco, almost 70 degrees there. and about 64 degrees in pacifica. let's check the roads with elizabeth. back out to san mateo county, as far as we know all lanes of highway 84 remain shut down. a downed tree took down power lines in the area. they were hoping to wrap it up by about 4:30 this morning. we have been talking to chp and they say as fa


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